What clients say

  • There is nothing better than putting on a custom suit built for your body; it's custom built for you. I am now on my 5th suit and couldn’t be happier, I totally and highly recommend Imparali...

    Victor Barnett

  • Going custom was easier than I thought and I found the online, shopping experience smooth and easy. My suit feels great and it's nice to know I can quickly re-order with my existing measurement profile...

    Travis Spangler

  • Much thanks to Matt and Imparali for finding the perfect baby blue and gray pattern for my wedding suit. I had this particular pattern stuck in my head but couldn't find it. Walked into Imparali and knew right away with over 10,000 fabrics in-store, it was here or just didn't exist...

    Rob Gold

  • For my wedding, I wanted to really 'go custom' and have a style all to my own. Thanks guys for helping me and my best men style our tuxedos...

    Stuart Bardon

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