Clothing Repair and Garment Alteration Service

    Understanding clothing repair, suit, shirt and dress alterations is important. Whether it is a basic hem or perfecting the shoulders of your favorite jacket, you can trust our tailors to provide the best fit possible.

    We know that saving a treasured garment can feel better than buying a new one.

    Feel free to call or email for pricing or further info.


Address: 535 Fifth Ave., Suite 441, New York, NY 10017
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am - 6pm, Sat: By Appointment

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Address: 3100 Timmons Lane, Suite 125, Houston TX 77027
Hours: Mon-Fri: 12 - 6pm, Sat: By Appointment

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What clients say

  • Matt and his staff couldn't be more professional. They do a wonderful job of listening to the customer's needs while also lending their expert advice. Their attention to detail always results in a suit that fits perfectly and in a style that reflects me.

    Ben H

  • Getting alternations couldn’t be easier – I’m usually in and out within minutes when I need to get measured or drop off items. A week or so later, I’m walking to work wearing my altered clothes that fit perfectly. Simple and efficient.

    Brian C

  • Having ordered from various tailors and bespoke suiting companies, I have seen the wide range of quality, attention, and care. Imparali stands a class above the rest. The people are highly skilled and detail oriented. Whether it's my wedding tux or my Monday suit, Imparali is who I trust.

    Josh T

  • Being 6 feet 8 inches tall, custom suits are the only way to go for me. Imparali does an excellent job ensuring the fit is perfect. The quality of the product coming out of their shop is very high and they stand behind their work.

    Jonathan W

  • Matt and the team offer excellent in-house alterations that cater perfectly to the working professional: quality service, returned back to you in a timely fashion and guaranteed for life. That is a combination that makes my life much easier.

    Kevin M

  • I started with Imparali by having them tailor a few suits for me. Now I get all my suits, shirts and alterations through them. I’ve always been pleased with the quick and easy process, not to mention the fantastic results.

    Nick L