• Jacket Canvas

    Jacket Canvas
  • After fit and fabric, next is the construction of your jacket in determining the overall quality of your suit. Every Imparali jacket is hand made with an individual paper pattern cut to your exact measurements. Our canvassed suits are built to last and drape to the contour of your body, providing a sleek silhouette.

    We sell both half and full-canvassed suits online. Both canvases are made of the finest horse hair construction; the difference is that full-canvassed suits have a floating canvas inside the jacket that extends all the way down the front whereas the half-canvas ends at the waist.

    As you might expect, half-canvassed suits have a canvas that is stitched in place and extends from the shoulder down through the chest, as illustrated. This still provides the benefits of a natural drape and a canvas that shapes to your chest over time, but realizes cost savings in materials and labor. The jacket may be slightly stiffer as well.

    Full-canvassed suits feature a floating canvas that better conforms to the body and provides a more natural drape when moving around. If you wear your jacket throughout the day, a full-canvas may be worth the investment. If the first thing you do when entering the office is take it off, then not so much.

    Regardless of your use, custom is about choice. Our clientele often select their canvas based on personal preference, not price. Trusted quality starts on the inside with superior craftsmanship, where the lifespan and feel of your suit is defined.