• Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions
  • Product & Customization

    I want to reach out about an order, what is the best contact to use?
    We recommend you contact info@imparali.com for online orders and NYC orders and houston@imparali.com for Houston orders.
    Are your suits full or half-canvassed?
    We sell both half-canvassed suits and full-cancassed suits in-store and on-line. Learn more about jacket canvassing here.
    Can I make my suit a three-piece?
    Yes, any suit can become a three-piece suit. Please select the matching fabric vest and purchase both products simultaneously.
    Can I receive functional sleeve buttonholes on my first order?
    Yes, however we may not be able to remake your order for issues stemming from sleeve length.
    Does Imparali offer customization options on their products? What is the cost?
    Imparali offers a comprehensive list of customization options for suits, shirts and related products. Chosen during the order process for each individual product; all customization is FREE of charge, simply click "Customize Now" from the product page.
    I want a particular design; can you create a special product for me?
    Email us at info@imparali.com and we will verify our ability to accommodate your special request.
    Can I request my suit to have a different lining color?
    Yes, we can make your suit with a number of lining options, all selected during the customization process.
    What are the widths of your suit jacket lapels?
    Our suit jacket lapels are designed with the following widths: Peak Lapel: 3" / Notch Lapel: 3" / Slim Lapel: 2.5" / Ultra Slim: 2".But this can vary slightly depending on the width of the individual.
    The fabric that I wanted is no longer available. When will it be available again?
    Imparali provides a consistent selection to its customers because every product is truly bespoke and therefore we do not purchase fabric in bulk like some of our competitors.Inquiries related to online orders should email us at info@imparali.com with the product name and SKU (product number) and we will follow up. We cycle limited fabrics as fashion trends change over time.
    I forgot to add a customization to my online order. Is this still possible?
    Please email info@imparali.com shortly after placing your order and we will add or amend your customization selections as possible. Please note that changes are not permitted once the tailor begins work on the product.
    What type of shoulder padding do you use?
    Imparali jackets use the lightest possible shoulder pads which are consistent with the fashionable European "slim fit" silhouette.
    How many days in advance should I order before my wedding? Can I create multiple measurement profiles under one account for each individual groomsman?
    Please email info@imparali.com so we can proactively get in touch with you to understand your time frame and confirm our ability to fulfill your request as desired.Weddings are better not left to the machines.
  • Measurements

    How are the measurements I submit online used to create my Imparali custom products?
    Imparali reviews the measurements submitted online through either the self-measurement process or by uploading measurements recorded at a local tailor shop. Extensive alterations are time consuming and not enjoyable; Imparali's virtual consultation aims to improve measurement accuracy in additional to customization satisfaction, resulting in a more confident and pleasurable customer experience.

    Imparali tailors may make further revisions to your measurements if deemed necessary based on their deep experience of handcrafting suits.
    What are my options for providing my measurements online?
    Unlike competitors, Imparali is comfortable with local tailors recording measurement information for our customers. Take the Imparali Local Tailor Measurement Form to any local tailor as we are confident our service and selection is unmatched. Our self-measurement process was designed for easy at-home use and can be completed with a friend in less than 10 minutes.
    Can I use an existing, well-fitting suit that I own as the basis for my measurement profile?
    No for suits. Imparali suits require 25 specific measurements to complete and existing suits generally do not meet this exacting fit.

    Yes for shirts. For online orders please mail the shirt directly to the New York flagship store (address below). Please keep in mind that the shirt will be held as a template until your new Imparali shirt is completed. Imparali will cover the postage to return the template shirt to you.

    Imparali Custom Tailors

    535 Fifth Ave., Suite 441
    New York, NY 10017
    Template (CUSTOMER SHIRT)
    Can I use measurements taken by my tailor?
    Yes. If you choose to obtain measurements from a local tailor, please ensure they measure you using the Imparali Local Tailor Measurement Form available here. Our measuring methods may differ slightly you're your local tailor and it is imperative they are in the Imparali standard form.
    Am I able to change measurements on my current order?
    Depending on where in the production process your order resides, Imparali may be able to adjust measurements as desired. Please contact info@imparali.com immediately to inquire further.
    My body type does not match the individuals fitted in the pictures; will Imparali garments still fit me?
    All Imparali products are completely custom and made-to-measure. Our products fit any body type and size, including large adults and even children.

    If ordering for a child, please alert info@imparali.com shortly after purchase with your order details so we can notify our tailors.
    Can I manage multiple measurements profiles from one account?
    Imparali clients can only have one set of measurements for each product in one profile. You will need a second email address to create a second profile and corresponding measurements
    Why are my measurements locked?
    After you order a product, we lock your measurement profile while we await your feedback on fit. If alterations or changes are required, please email us your alterations form to info@imparali.com so we can amend your profile to ensure the perfect fit for future orders. Please follow the form instructions and provide exact measurement changes in the following format: Chest width: +1.75", Neck size: -.25". Imparali Alteration Form is available here.
  • Payment & Inquiries

    What is the best way to contact Imparali?
    Inquiries related to orders placed in NYC or online orders should be directed to info@imparali.com and Houston orders email houston@imparali.com.
    How can I pay for my order?
    Imparali accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. No card information is saved at Imparali. Card information remains the private property of the card holder at all times. Imparali uses a SSL encrypted credit card processor for all orders. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for further information.
    I need advice in picking the appropriate suit and style, what do you recommend?
    For more particular inquiries, email us at info@imparali.com with description of the wear occasion and specific questions and we will follow up with our style recommendations or feel free to make an appointment in one of our showrooms for a non obligation consultation.
    How can I trust that my credit card transaction is safe?
    Imparali uses a SSL secure connection during the transaction to maintain the security and privacy of your information. Imparali does not store your credit card information. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for further information.
  • Shipping & Delivery

    When will I receive my products and what shipping options do you offer?
    Please refer to our Shipping and Delivery Policy available here.

    Imparali products are completely bespoke and made to each customer's individual preferences by hand in Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong tailors are widely recognized for their history of superior craftsmanship relative to mainland China. Orders are reviewed in Hong Kong and then again at the Imparali store in New York, NY.

    Shirt orders take approximately 3 weeks and suit orders take 4 weeks for home delivery. Imparali uses the US Postal Service for delivery to your door. Please contact us at info@imparali.com if your online order has not arrived by the prescribed period or arrives late. Imparali will notify you on the rare occasion your order is delayed.
    Why is part of my order on hold?
    If you purchase multiple items during your first purchase, Imparali may contact you to process one suit and/or shirt as your first order to ensure the measurements are correct. After we verify your correct measurements after any changes or alterations, we will process the remainder of your order accordingly. Please proactively verify your measurement profile. If you prefer a selected item from your order be shipped first, please alert us at info@imparali.com shortly after placing your order.
    Can I expedite my order?
    We are unable to expedite orders. We recommend you allow for additional time to include alterations if your suit or product is for a specific event.
    What countries does Imparali ship to?
    Imparali currently only ships to continental US locations.
    Can the Imparali ship to Post Office Boxes or APO/FPO military addresses?
    Please note that Imparali is unable to ship to Post Office Boxes or APO/FPO military addresses.
    I want to change my shipping address. How do I do this?
    Please email info@imparali.com with your desired shipping information and we will update your order information as possible.
    Where will my products be sent to me from?
    All purchases will be sent from Imparali's flagship store in New York after your order is reviewed by the Imparali's staff stateside. Imparali handles any tariffs or customs so its customers do not. On the rare occasion, products may be shipped from the Houston office but the sender will always be in the continental US.
  • Alterations & Returns

    What if my purchase does not fit?
    We will work directly with you to alter your custom menswear until you deem the fit proper.

    Because our custom garments are specially made for each customer, we cannot offer cash refunds. However, if you are not thrilled with the fit of your garment, we will either alter it to fit your needs or remake it once free of charge.
    Do you offer outside alterations in your New York or Houston showroom?
    Yes, in addition to men's clothing, our expert seamstresses work on womenswear as well. The Imparali tailors will handle your alterations with the extreme care we put into custom tailoring. We specialize in luxury men's suit and shirts but our seamstresses handle dresses as well. Same day appointments are available.

    Please refer to our In-store Alterations page available here.